Today started in 3D purge energy coming through in the beta frequency range, putting us in a highly focused and alert mind state. It stayed pretty calm until around 0230 when we had one of our only 5D light coding spike for the day. That spike started in the alpha frequency range giving us a relaxed but alert state of mind. Then it quickly went up into the gamma frequency range putting us in a peak focus and extended consciousnes mind state by 0300. That spike peaked around 0300 with an amplitude of 57 then dropped back down and by 0330 the 5D light coding was replaced with 3D purge energy down in the gamma frequency range. That horizontal line of density picked back up on the 7.83Hz line and two more lines started to form up, one in the alpha and the other in the beta frequency ranges. The 5D light coding flickered in and out until 0400 then only 3D purge energry came through. The blockages in the alpha and beta ranges fizzled out around 0700 and the 3D purge energy fell down into the beta range. From about 0730 until 0900 the horizontal density line along the 7.83Hz line had almost disappeared. However that density picked right back up around 0930 and gained intensity until 1130. From 1130 to 1630 it stayed in 3D purge energy up in the beta frequency range but that horizontal density line became patchy. At 1630 the density along the 7.83Hz line began to intensify and continued to do so until 1800 when we had a small spurt of 5D light coding come through in the theta frequency range. From 1700 to roughly 2100 some blockages were lightly sprinkled in the alpha frequency range then died down. There was another quick spike of 5D light coding into the theta frequency range at 1900 then remained in 3D purge energy for the remainder of the day. The horizontal blockages along the 7.83Hz line died down by 2200. We ended the day with 3D purge energy in the beta frequency range.



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