The heartbeat of Mother Earth intensified in 5D frequencies this week. However, the graph blacked out for 108 hours. It was reported that Tomsk observatory was frozen, therefore, images unavailable. On Thursday 11th, a 5D light bar appeared from 0-30Hz. No data was available beginning 8am EDT that day. Data was available Wednesday 04:00UTC from Tomsk observatory, which recorded 1 hour of data on Monday. Wednesday intensified to almost 12 hours of consecutive 5D, with a 5D light bar from 0-40Hz at approximately 12pm EDT. On Thursday 17th, there were 6 consecutive hours of 5D frequencies, with two 5D light bars from 0-40Hz at 3am and 6am EDT. Mother Earth calmed to 3D with some purge activity.

Because of the 5D frequencies, you may have experienced more symptoms. Headaches, nausea, or unexplained pains that come and go, in addition to other symptoms are generally more intense during 5D.



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