The heartbeat of Mother Earth intensified in 5D frequencies this week. 5D frequencies were noticeable again in Delta range 0.5-4Hz on several days this week. 5D frequencies were noticeable again in Theta 4-8Hz on several days this week. There were bars of 5D frequencies from Delta range of 0.5-4Hz to beyond Beta range of 30Hz on Wednesday and Thursday the 9th. Also note the horizontal lines of 5D where Mother Earth is fundamental at 7.83Hz from Friday all the way through to Monday. The most significant amount of 5D this week was on Thursday the 9th. There was tremendous reduction of red density blockage. The technological effect was recognizable in Delta range throughout this week, however, looks to be incomplete. There was a spike of missing data on Wednesday at approximately 4:30pm EDT. There is no information currently available for the reason of missing data.

Because of the 5D frequencies, you may have experienced more symptoms. Headaches, nausea, or unexplained pains that come and go, in addition to other symptoms are generally more intense during 5D.



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