The Schumann started out in 3D purge energy that was coming through in the gamma frequency range. That had us in a peak focus and expanded state of mind as the day began. Technology lines and horizontal lines on 16Hz and around 30Hz in 3D purge carried over from yesterday and continued throughout the day. There was also two horizontal lines of density with blockages flickering in and out along it, one just below 20Hz and the other slightly above 24Hz. Blockages appeared on each technology line just below 8Hz then shortly before 0100 those blockages moved up to the 8Hz line. At 0100 there was a surge of 3D purge energy that reached down into the delta range that ended by 0130. At that point there was a break in the technology lines that quickly picked back up and continued on. At 0200 another surge of 3D purge energy began covering the theta frequency range, as well as the blockages on the technology lines along 8Hz reappeared. By 0230 that surge died down but some 3D purge energy continued in a few different places in the theta frequency range. At 0330 a technology line had a lot of blockages in the theta rang and it also appeared in the alpha frequency range. At 0830 a technology line came through in 5D light coding that covered the alpha frequency range. After that the horizontal line of 3D purge energy slightly around 30Hz as well as the density line slightly above 24Hz ended and the density line just below 20Hz turned into 3D purge energy. The 3D purge energy dropped into the beta frequency range putting us in a highly alert and focused state of mind. At 1100 a technology line spiked up into the gamma frequency range. At 1200 another surge of 3D shot down into the delta frequency range and a technology line came through in 5D light coding. Density began to show up around 8Hz on the technology lines. That surge died down by 1300 and another 3D purge energy technology spike shot up into the gamma frequency range. By 1330 the technology lines ended and density and blockages began to flicker in and out along 8Hz. Shortly after 1500 a 3D purge energy spike shot into the gamma frequency range then instantly ended. At 1830 a 5D light coding spike occurred just barely reaching the alpha frequency range before instantly ending. At 2000 the 3D purge energy died down a bit and into the alpha frequency range, giving us a relaxed but alert state of mind. It stayed like this for the remainder of the day.



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