Elon Musk is one of the richest people on the planet and has interests in several successful companies. The billionaire is constantly looking for innovative solutions when it comes to developing Tesla. His most recent idea was the futuristic looking Cybertruck. Unfortunately its big reveal did not exactly go to plan. Things went really bad for Tesla and Musk when a metal ball thrown at the Cybertruck’s armored glass went right through the window during a demo of the car. Although Musk laughed off the mishap, Tesla’s stock price dipped immediately.


Despite the disastrous reveal to the public, 250,000 people have already decided they absolutely must have Musk’s new Cybertruck. The Cybertruck will begin production in two years. Musk has revealed that the new car has already been preordered by the total number of 250,000 people, according to the Business Insider. That is impressive. Well done Musk!

Would you like to add your name to the waiting list? It requires you to pay $100 deposit as soon as you decide to preorder. At the same time you must choose which model of the futuristic car you’d like to see on your driveway in 2022.


At the time of typing this, 42% of preorders are for the dual-motor model, although the tri-motor option isn’t far behind. It seems like a few years from now if we’re not all driving Cybertrucks, we’ll at least be seeing a fair few of them on the roads.

There are three versions of the new cybertruck: single, dual, or tri-motor. The latter two come with all-wheel drive while the single motor option just has rear-wheel drive.

We would like to have one of each please. How about you?




BY Schumann Daily / March 22, 2021

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